2 The Nature of Particulates in Aircraft Bleed Air Resulting from Oil Contamination (LV-17-C046)

Byron Jones, Ph.D., P.E., Kansas State University
Shahin Nayyeri Amiri, Ph.D., Kansas State University
Jake Roth, Black & Veatch
Mohammad Hosni, Ph.D., Kansas State University
ASHRAE Standard 161, Air Quality within Commercial Aircraft, includes a requirement for bleed air sensors to detect contamination from lubricating oil. One potential approach to meeting this requirement is through particle detection. A four-part experimental program was conducted to develop a detailed characterization of particles that result when bleed air is contaminated with lubricating oil. This research shows that development of sensors for detecting oil contamination in aircraft bleed air should focus on ultrafine particle detection and sensing of low contamination levels may require sensitivity to extreme ultrafine particles 10 nanometers and smaller.

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