23ASHRAE Seminar Recording

Seminar 41. Codes and Standards Impacting Healthcare Facility Energy Use

2011 ASHRAE Winter Conference

There are numerous codes and standards that have a direct impact on HVAC design and their subsequent energy consumption. Understanding the basis of the newer codes and standards will be key for designers to provide higher performing, more energy efficient HVAC systems serving healthcare facilities.

  • Standard 189.2 Elements Impacting Energy Use In Health Care Facilities
    Michael Sheerin, P.E., Member
    Standard 189.2 Green Healthcare Facilities is in the draft and review stage of its development. ASHRAE envisions it to be adopted by government agencies and organizations that want a code enforceable level of sustainability in healthcare facility design and construction practices.  This session will provide a general overview of the key elements impacting our ASHRAE membership.  It will have a significant impact on design and operation.  Its critical to keep the membership appraised of its development and to provide opportunities for feedback to its authors.
  • How ASHRAE 90.1-2010 Will Affect Healthcare Facilities
    Jeff Boldt, P.E., Member
    The 2010 edition of the Guidelines for Design & Construction of Health Care Facilities has integrated ASHRAE Standard 170 Ventilation of Health Care Facilities in its entirety.  Table 7-1 Design Parameters includes key criteria that directly effects the HVAC design and directly impacts energy use.   Parameters include relative air pressure relationship between areas, air changes per hour of total supply, recirculated and outside air.   This session will provide a deeper understanding of these parameters leading to more sustainable design and operations of new healthcare facilities.  
  • LEED for Health Care Overview
    Michael Meteyer, P.E., Member
    USGBC will have just released a new LEED program specifically for heathcare.  This session will present an overview of the new elements and criteria.