ASHRAE Seminar Recording

Seminar 45. BACnet Secure Connect: What You Need to Know!

2020 ASHRAE Winter Conference

BACnet Secure Connect (a.k.a. BACnet/SC) is a new protocol addition to the current BACnet standard ANSI/ASHRAE 135 that eliminates many of the security concerns building automation manufacturers, facility managers and IT professionals have with BACnet IP today. A virtual "Hub and Spoke" topology is used to form a BACnet/SC network. BACnet/SC is based on HTTPS over TLS v1.3 secure communications similar to online banking connections. With the use of TLS, security keys come into effect in the form of X509 certificates. This seminar explains what is BACnet/SC, its many benefits and BACnet/SC can be deployed within existing buildings, etc.

  • Introduction to BACnet/SC
    Michael Osborne, P.Eng., Member, Reliable Controls Corporation, Victoria, BC, Canada
    BACnet Secure Connect (BACnet/SC) is a new addendum to the BACnet Standard that provides secure IP communications within your building and out. BACnet/SC can provide secure access to an existing BACnet system with limited infrastructure cost or, for added security, BACnet/IP devices can be updated or replaced with BACnet/SC devices. For new installations, where security is paramount, BACnet/SC can provide security to the end node. All of this while also eliminating most IT management issues including, BBMDs, static IPs and, of course, security.
  • BACnet/SC
    David Robin1 and Bernhard Isler, Member2, (1)BSC Softworks, Marietta, GA, (2)Siemens Switzerland Ltd Building Technologies Division, Zug, Switzerland
    Managing Security for BACnet Secure Connect:

    In this presentation, an overview on the security management for securing BACnet/SC is provided. The presentation includes an overview over the security keys and certificates being used, how they are generated, deployed, and refreshed. The presentation discusses the roles and responsibilities in this process over the life time of the BAS system.