23ASHRAE Seminar Recording

Seminar 4. Water-Cooled VRF Systems: An Introduction

ASHRAE 2012 Winter Conference

The session reviews the fundamentals of water-cooled variable refrigerant systems as utilized for comfort heating/cooling applications in buildings across North America. The seminar also evaluates the performance potential of the system from a comfort and energy efficiency perspective.

  • Water-Cooled VRF: The Fundamentals
    Dermot McMorrow, P.Eng., Member
    The presentation offers an introduction to the water-cooled VRF concept, components, heat pump and heat recovery systems as integrated with a range of heat sink formats including geothermal. The overview evaluates the performance of water-cooled VRF systems based on maximizing heat recovery within the system.
  • Water-Cooled VRF: Design and Application Potential
    Kenny Smith, P.Eng., Associate Member
    The presentation investigates the design potential for water-cooled variable refrigerant flow systems in commercial buildings across a range of diverse climate zones. The session details the design decision making process for specific applications and shows the engineering team that water-cooled VRF was the optimum system choice.
  • Water-Cooled VRF Systems: A Case Study
    Claude Routhier, P.Eng., Member
    The presentation reviews the design and operating performance of a water-cooled geothermal variable refrigerant flow heat recovery system as applied to a 7 story 100,000 ft. office building in Canada.