ASHRAE Seminar Recording

Seminar 42. The Rise of Building EQ: Educational Facility Case Studies in Central Florida

2020 ASHRAE Winter Conference

The ASHRAE Building Energy Quotient (Building EQ) program empowers facility owners to better understand their building's energy performance relative to comparable facilities in the same climate zone. Aligned with the Society Presidential theme, "Building for People and Performance. Achieving Operational Excellence," this session presents how Building EQ has been utilized in university and K-12 school settings for benchmarking and conducting Level 1 Energy Audits. It also reviews how ASHRAE Student Members have assisted working professionals with assessments and submissions to the Building EQ Portal, resulting in enhanced models for experiential and classroom education for building sciences curricula.

  • First Steps: Building EQ Pilot Program for Brevard Public Schools
    Bruce Lindsay, P.E., Member, Brevard Public Schools, Viera, FL
    Brevard Public Schools established a pilot program of transitioning a high school, two middle schools, and an elementary school from ENERGY STAR Portfolio Manager to the Building EQ Portal for benchmarking, as well as utilizing Building EQ to assist with conducting Level 1 Energy Audits in compliance with ASHRAE Standard 211 Energy Audits for Commercial Buildings. This presentation will present the results of the program, the next steps in the program, and the collaboration between Brevard Public Schools, the ASHRAE Space Coast Chapter, and the ASHRAE Florida Institute of Technology Student Branch to make this program a reality.
  • Giant Leaps: Building EQ’s Application at the University of Central Florida
    Nathaniel Boyd, P.E., BEAP, Member, University of Central Florida, Orlando, FL
    The presentation will present the University of Central Florida’s (UCF) use of Building EQ for all facility benchmarking and initial ASHRAE level 1 energy audits. To date, UCF has 22 buildings with In Operation projects on the Building EQ platform, 11 of which have been submitted and approved for an official Building EQ Performance Score. This effort includes work performed by ASHRAE UCF Student Branch members and their interactions with University operations personnel and academic staff to create experiential learning opportunities.
  • Lessons Learned: Training Engineering Students with Building EQ
    Hamidreza Najafi, Ph.D., Member, Florida Institute of Technology, Melbourne, FL
    Collaborating with Brevard Public Schools (BPS), the Florida Institute of Technology (Florida Tech) started a pilot program to train ASHRAE Florida Tech Student Branch Members on conducting on-site energy audits and performing building system energy analyses. Using Building EQ and supervised by ASHRAE Members, the students performed audits at four schools and presented their findings to BPS, including baseline energy analyses, energy and cost analyses of selected energy efficiency measures, and evaluation of using roof-top photovoltaic panels for each school. The presentation will address lessons learned, Building EQ’s use as an educational tool, a summary of findings and future plans.