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High Performance Buildings Conference — April 7 - 8, 2014 | San Francisco, CA, USA

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The 2014 ASHRAE High Performance Buildings Conference seeks to advance the industry’s efforts to accomplish a true high-performance built environment. This is ASHRAE’s third high performance buildings conference, building upon the 2012 HPB Conference and the 2009 Net-Zero Energy Conference.

The conference topics provide a comprehensive overview of high performance building design with a focus on strategies in several areas. New subject areas include water efficiency, building occupant behavior, new building technologies, and indoor environmental quality. In addition, there is increased emphasis on lighting/daylighting and the building envelope.

A case study-type poster session on “Measured Performance” and “Modeled Performance” is presented.

“We would like to see a balance of presentations showing innovation, proven methods for improving building operation resulting in deep energy efficiency and indoor environmental quality, measured performance and HPB case studies, demonstrating new technologies,” Kent Peterson, conference chair, said.

Attendees will be able to realize the synergy required between indoor environmental quality and energy savings through advanced HPB design through the conference as well as network with other HPB professionals.

The conference is being presented by ASHRAE’s High Performing Buildings magazine, the industry’s premier source for measured performance of practices and technologies to promote better buildings.

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